Poetry Corner: We Are Not Made to Settle

Words by Fran Carruthers

Our lives spun from flimsy threads

Like spider webs, we danced,

Chaotic with the possibility

Of a dew-soaked morning,

We climbed between rungs

Willing storms to come.

We were not made to settle.

We were not made to create

Silvery cocoons from kitchen spoons

Or retire into dusty corners,

To stare out at life

Through a box of light.

Rooted now, to fathers and mothers,

Friends and lovers,

We coil upwards,

Feeling the fresh face of the sun

Beaming light onto light

We pound our restless legs

With mundane tread, on wrinkled paths

We leave our dances undanced,

Our webs unspun,

Our days sliced apart

Under a sparkling sun.

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