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A MONTH IN REVIEW: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Words by Lucy Grubb With her debut novel, Where The Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens makes originality look effortless.  The book has come at a time when truth is an all-too undervalued currency in our society. Its worth has become rather lost somewhere over the years as people become more interested in the things they can…

How Misguided is Missguided?

WORDS BY ROSILY ROBERTS Increasingly, the word ‘fast’ has negative connotations. In a world that once heralded acceleration as an emblem of progress and modernity, now there are growing efforts to slow things back down to a comfortable, even-breathed pace. Take fast food, for example. There was a time when fast food represented the height…

Working Women: Five minutes with Harper’s Bazaar writer and The Grief Network editor

Jess, we’re sure you’re the subject of a lot of pride having accomplished so much so young. By day you’re a writer for a hugely successful fashion magazine, and by night you’re working away creating content and helping others with The Grief Network. But you had to start from somewhere. What’s the weirdest job you’ve…

Working Women: Five minutes with owner of Depop vintage shop

As part of our Working Women series, we caught up with ultimate style icon and owner of vintage venture Selena’s Shop, Selena Williams. We chatted about how fashion is woven into the fabric of her upbringing, her journey from clothing aficionado to cultivated content creative, and the unique friction felt as a young woman of…

A guide to black-owned beauty brands

Skincare guru Lily Roberts introduces us to a few of her favourite beauty brands, while highlighting the lack of representation in the world of beauty that we’re all on a mission to rectify. Our regular media sources over the last few weeks have been saturated with devastating stories of police brutality, the murders of innocent…

An introduction: hanging fast fashion out to dry

Our Style and Sustainability Columnist, Rosily Roberts, thought we should bring it back to basics to give our readers a little taster of the textile industry, to help us understand what we can do to stitch up some serious sustainability issues in the world of fashion. Sustainable fashion is undeniably gaining traction in mainstream consciousness.…

A month in review: In The Dream House by Carmen Machado

Words by Scarlett Mansfield In the Dream House is a memoir that innovatively explores the topic of domestic abuse in a same-sex female relationship. While I had my reservations about the book, I understand that it treads a relatively untrodden path in its crucial pursuit to purvey the concept of queer assault. As a historian,…

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